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The complete

Spoilers ahead! If you want to be surprised by the ending of the C&C games, read no further! You have been warned!

Note: This story goes along with the idea that "good guys always win", meaning that Allies and GDI win. So don't get disappointed when you read that Kane isn't the supreme ruler of the earth ;-)

    Ok, here it is. The complete story of Command & Conquer. First off, C&C takes place in an alternate universe, hence the cool technology in 1995. OK, here goes:
The entire series begins in 1946 at the Los Alamos Laboratory, New Mexico. The world is still reeling from World War II, one of the bloodiest wars in history, and Albert Einstein and his young assistant are performing tests related to a time-travel project, code-named "The Philadelphia Project." Einstein realizes that if he were to go back to 1924 and kill Hitler when he was released from prison (a historical fact, by the way), then Einstein would avoid WWII entirely, saving over six million European Jews and other minorities who were exterminated or nearly so. So, Einstein goes back to 1924, and just as Hitler steps out of the prison gates, then Einstein comes up and starts talking with the future Fuhrer. After a minute of small talk, Einstein extends his hand, and Hitler takes it. Hitler is then displaced (not killed, mind you) to some unknown point in time. Einstein returns, thinking he was victorious. "Hitler, is no longer a problem," he says to his assistant. He soon finds out that a much stronger enemy with more destructive capabilities has arisen. Josef Stalin, dictator of Russia, has amassed an army of several million men, and is threatening to conquer all of Europe. He rampages through Europe, destroying many precious landmarks and destroying the lives of thousands of people. But, the Allies prevail, the Soviet Union is vanquished, and Stalin is killed.

takes place, resulting in the victory of the Allied Forces, the death of Stalin, and the formation of the Brotherhood of Nod.*

Several years after, the Soviet Union still in ruins, the world relaxes after one of the bloodiest wars ever fought. US soldiers return home to "baseball, apple pie, and good old American values" (that's on the official RA2 website, I'm not kidding ;-)). Meanwhile, the Soviets have installed a figurehead dictator, Premier Romanov, to rule the once-proud republic. They have been secretly developing all sorts of hideous technologies to get back at those American dogs, creating such weapons as the Tesla trooper (basically a guy with the lightning gun from Quake), big, nasty-looking Apocalypse tanks, terror drones, which are small, cheap mechanical spiders that jump inside enemy vehicles and tear them apart from within. The Allies, however, haven't just been sitting on their butts this whole time. With advances in chronoshift technology, they have new units and buildings such as the chrono legionnaire, who literally erases units from time, prism towers and tanks, which utilize sun beams to incinerate Soviet units, the chrono miner, which is a basic ore truck except for the fact that it chronos back to base, rather than driving back. Eventually, the Allies rout the Soviets, all the way back to Moscow and the Kremlin. Romanov is desperate enough to win that he even uses a nuclear missle in defense. But, the Allies prevail again, and Agent Tanya finds Romanov under his desk in his boxers (complete with hammer-and-sickle prints!). He had apparently thought he could trick the Allies into thinking another one of his officers was him, but Tanya wasn't fooled. The Allies win again, defeating the Soviets permenantly this time.

Takes place, and the Soviets are put in their place again.

Nearly fifty years later, (in 1995, to be precise), Nod has been wreaking all sorts of havoc with their seemingly random acts of terrorism. As a result, on 12 October 1995, the United Nations formed the Global Defense Initiative, or GDI, to combat world terrorism and to support the main national armies. Soon after the GDI heads into action, Nod used their immense influence on worldwide media to frame the GDI for slaughtering a village of unarmed civilians in Poland. The UN, as a result, cuts off all funding to the GDI, nearly causing their collapse. The armies of good prevailed, and ended up destroying Kane's feared Temple of Nod near Sarejevo in Bosnia. Kane was allegedly killed, but his body was never recovered.

takes place, and the Brotherhood of Nod is defeated, for now.

When GDI was fighting with Nod, the GDI had a single commando, Captain Nick Parker, code-named Havoc, who was responsible for all the covert operations that GDI deemed otherwise hopeless. Agents of Nod's special commando unit "The Black Hand", had captured the famed tiberium expert Doctor Ignatio Mobius, to try and extract the secrets of tiberium from him. GDI doesn't take this sitting down, and dispatches Havoc to rescue Mobius from the clutches of Nod. And of course he does, and takes out about half of Nod's troops and equipment (okay, not really, but he really makes a mess of things).

takes place, and ends at the same time as the First Tiberium War (Command & Conquer).

Twenty years later, GDI has become the sole military power on Earth, with their main base located in Earth's orbit, on the space station Philadelphia. One day, out of nowhere, hundreds of "hot spots", or points of conflict pop up. Transmissions from all of GDI's bases flood the Philadelphia's comm frequencies. Apparently Nod has come back with a vengeance, attacking with full force from all sides with no warning at all. Supreme General James Solomon soon receives a transmission from Kane himself, issuing his ultimatum. "I have seen our future General, our TIBERIUM FUTURE, and I will be the one to bring us to it," Kane says. Solomon responds by dispatching his best commander, Michael McNeil (your character when you play as GDI), to deal with the sudden jump in Nod activity. The GDI must forge an alliance with the group of tiberium mutants, known as "The Forgotten", to help defeat Nod. Eventually, of course, GDI wins, and Kane is really dead this time (or is he?).

takes place, and the earth is at peace once again.

There you have it. The full story of Command & Conquer. If there is any sort of error, please tell me

*In the final cutscene for the Soviets, after that woman commander shoots Stalin's big gut, she tells you that she and Kane (a non-speaking character in RA) are going to form the Brotherhood of Nod.