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Hints & Tips

note: I have no idea if these will work for C&C Mac. Use at your own risk.
To access the funpark, open your Start Menu and open up the MS-DOS prompt. Open up your C&C folder. Once you get there, type "c&c funpark". When you start a new game, Kane will tell you about "strange animal behavior". The level is full of DINOSAURS!!! You are a side called the "JP" (Jurassic Park?), which can use things from both sides. Be warned, on the second mission, do NOT lose your transport chopper and not more than 3 engineers. They are vital to the success of the mission.
Being the JP in Multiplayer-
This is a little bit trickier. What you and your opponent(s) do, is open the conquer.ini file and scroll down to the multiplayer section. Where it says "side", change that from 0 to 3. Make sure that all the players do that. I have done this with my friend James, but we only got it to work for both of us only once. The JP has technology from both sides. If you are hosting the game, you can tell if it worked by looking at the tech level bar. If it shows ** instead of a number, it will work for you.

Hex editing-
Hex editing changes the hexadecimal values or something. The first thing you need, is a recent hex editor. You can download one at BP Software's site. Once you have that installed, save a game on C&C. If you have any tiberium refineries, sell them. Write down how mant credits you have, then exit C&C. Open up your C&C folder from the My Computer. Click on your savegame, then click on the File menu, and click "Hex Edit". Click on "tools", then open up the Hex Calculator. Click on the small HEX in the bottom-left corner. It should change to DEC. Enter your credit amount into the field, then cleck on DEC. Write down that value. If it has only three number or letters, add a 0 to the beginning; if there is four, just leave it there. When you are back at the main Hex workshop window, press the F3 key. Type in the last two numbers in your converted value, then the first two, then press "Find Next". When a value is highlighted, change it to "FFFF". Press F3 again, and repeat the previous step. When it says "search string not found", press ok, then save it. It should ask you if you want to make a backup of your file. Definitely press yes, because if you made an error, it will mess up the savegame. Load that game. If it worked, you should have 65536 credits. If it didn't work, too bad. Maybe the almighty C&C gods didn't want you to cheat. Unfortunately, you can't edit the same file twice.

Vehicle rushes-
OK, now this is considered a "dirty little trick" of C&C. Don't do this in multiplayer if you want your opponent pissed off at you. What you do is you wait for your harvesters to get you a lot of credits. Once you have about ten or twenty thousand credits, build a bunch of helipads (about 10-15). Or, build that many Mammoths, stealths, flame, light, any kind of heavy vehicle. After you have a big ol' army, ATTACK!!! Kill your enemy's base with full force, no mercy, and no prisoners taken!

"The Cloak and Dagger" attack-
This only works in high tech level multiplayer games. The first thing you do is get the Ion Cannon/Nuke ready. After that, get two commandos, an engineer, and an APC. Put the units into the APC. You have to do this attack REALLY fast, or else it will fail. Next, you Ion Cannon/Nuke the enemy's powerplants and speed in with the APC. If he has Obelisks/Adv. Guard Towers, they wont fire because he has low power! Speed in, unload the APC, and if you want, bomb or capture their construction yard, barracks/Hand of Nod, anything you want. But first, if he has a bunch of infantry guys around, squish them with the APC. Thus also in considered a "dirty little trick," but if done correctly, it will severely turn the tides of the game.

Running the game from your hard drive-
First off, this isn't exactly a cheat or hint. What this does is allow you to play the different maps and stuff you either made and/or downloaded.
STEP 1- Copy everything on your C&C disc except the huge .mix files with all the movies and stuff (unless you really want to) to your C&C folder on your hard drive.
STEP 2- Using MIXMAN, available above, add/replace your new maps to the GENERAL.mix file.
STEP 3- Go to "Run" under the Start Menu, and put the command line as if you were to start C&C from the disc. After the command line, put in -[your C&C folder]. It should appear like this: "C:\C&C\RUNC&C.exe -[folder where your GENERAL.mix file is]"
STEP 4- The game should start as normal, but the videos won't show if you didn't install them (obviously). When you go to do a multiplayer game, your new maps should show up. If not, I'm sorry.

Spy Games-
Here's a list of some of the functions the spy can do in Red Alert 2:

Secret Units in Red Alert 2-
This works best in high tech-level skirmish/multiplayer mode. Here's the simple steps to get the secret units:
STEP 1- Select an Allied side to be (I generally prefer the Republic of Korea or America).
STEP 2- When you start the game, build a Battle Lab as fast as possible.
STEP 3- Find an opponent who has a Battle Lab as well.
STEP 4- Train a spy, and disguise him as a unit of the opponent whose lab you wish to infiltrate.
STEP 5- Send the spy into the Battle Lab, and you will get a secret infantry unit.
The unit you get depends on what side(s) you are, and what side the opponent is.
Here's a list of the secret units, and the combinations to get them.
Allied Secret Units

  • Psi-Commando: Basically a Yuri who can plant C4 bombs into buildings and can do the mindblow attack as well (Allied to Soviet)
  • Chrono Commando: A Navy SEAL who moves like a chrono legionnaire (Allied to Allied)

Soviet Secret Units
  • Chrono Ivan: Crazy Ivan who moves like the chrono legionnaire (Soviet to Allied)
  • Yuri Prime: A high-powered psychic with a longer possession range, and a more powerful mindblow attack (Soviet to Soviet)

Fun with Red Alert 2 Special Units
In multiplayer, each nation has a special unit, ability, or structure. Here is a list of those:

Allied Special Units
  • America: Airborne troops - When you build the Air Force Command, you get access to Airborne troops, which are just GIs paradropped into whereever you want for no cost.
  • Republic of Korea: Black Eagle - The Black Eagle is a faster, more heavily armed and armored version of the Harrier. It is also my personal favorite unit, mainly because it's superior to the Harrier, but it costs the same.
  • France: Grand Cannon - The Grand Cannon is a huge, defensive cannon. It fires a large, explosive shell that devastates whatever it hits, as well as everything in the surrounding area. It's main flaw is that it has no close-range attack.
  • Germany: Tank Destroyer - The Tank Destroyer is a powerful, anti-armor tank. It fires a high-velocity, armor-piercing shell that takes out most vehicles in just one or two hits.

Soviet Special Units

  • Russia: Tesla Tank - This is what you get when you put a Tesla Coil on a tank chassis. It is fairly well armed, and if you send it against an unprepared opponent, it's not even fair.
  • Libya: Demolition Truck - The demo truck is a fast, lightly armored truck loaded with a small nuclear bomb. Used in conjunction with the Iron Curtain, it can sway the balance of the game in an instant.
  • Iraq: Desolator - This evil-sounding infantry unit is a master of radiation. He can take out any infantry unit in one shot with his Rad-Cannon, and can irradiate the ground, making it impassable to infantry.
  • Cuba: Terrorist - The terrorist is so loyal to the Soviet cause, he straps blocks of C4 to himself, and blows up anything and everything in the vicinity
Here are some tactics to use with these units:
  • America: Capture a civilian airport (if available), and you get double paratroops; drop a whole bunch of GIs in one area, garrison the buildings, then when you have enough, attack with them!
  • Republic of Korea: Build several Air Force Commands, then fill them with Black Eagles, designate each group of four as a team using the control+#, and take out individual targets; use spies to power down the base beforehand, rendering the flak cannons useless.
  • France: Capture a tech building near an enemy base, then build a Grand Cannon near the building, it should be able to shoot the enemy base with little problem. If you're feeling evil, build two or three!
  • Germany: Build several Tank Destroyers, put them near your base main entrance supported by Grizzlies, and use them to stop any tank rush dead in its path.


  • Russia: Early on, build 3-5 Tesla tanks, as well as about 5-7 Rhino tanks, and rush them into the enemy base. If it's early enough, he shouldn't have many defenses up yet.
  • Libya: Build an Iron Curtain and nine demo trucks. Bunch them up in a 3x3 square, and use the Iron Curtain on the center truck. Send them into the enemy base. They won't blow up till they reach the intended target (or when the Iron Curtain wears off)
  • Iraq: If you see paratroopers dropping into your base, move a Desolator under them and deploy him. They should all die before they even hit the ground. Also, use the ground-irradiation to cut off key access points to your base.
  • Cuba: Build 2-3 Flak Tracks and load them with Terrorists. Send the Flak Tracks into the enemy base, then tell the terrorists to destroy whatever they reach first (unless you have a specific target in mind)