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A short story I wrote that takes place in the Command & Conquer universe (specifically the original game). I don't have a name for it, but I think it's pretty good. So, without further ado, is my story!

My name is Stephen Philips, new recruit into the Global Defense Initiative. I'm your average American farm boy, born and raised in rural Kansas. My family is one of an American military tradition. My father, Captain Kurt Philips (US Army, ret.), served in Vietnam, as well as the Persian Gulf War. My grandfather was the commander of a mobile armored division in the war against the Soviet Union back in the 40s. At first, I had no intention of becoming involved in any military activity, but with the sudden rash of Nod activity throughout the planet, I decided it was my duty to enlist. So, after I graduated from high school in June, 1996, I told my folks of my plans, and drove to the closest GDI recruiting office, which was an hour away in Wichita.

At the office, which was in a small shopping center, there were posters covering the walls with messages such as "Join GDI, we save lives", and "The World's Best, GDI". The recruiting officer there, who was dozing off as I walked in, nearly jumped out of his chair at the sound of the door. When I told him that I would like to enlist in the GDI, he became very excited and immediately got out a stack of papers from under the desk he was sitting at.

"Why do you want to enlist?" he asked me.
"I was tired of seeing news reports of all the conflict and death and stuff," I said.
"I see, and I'm guessing you want to personally deal with this as well, no?" he replied.
"Yes sir, that's correct."

He went on to ask me several other questions, mainly about my physical condition and medical history. There was, however, one question that puzzled me.

"Have you ever been in contact with tiberium?"

I found that odd, because I had in fact been exposed to tiberium before. A few springs before, some friends and I were playing football in my family's pasture. Well, I kicked the ball, and it must have gotten caught in a wind current or something, because it flew FAR. I ran to go get it, telling the rest of the guys to hang back. The ball had flown pretty far, I had to run after it and had to look in the tall grass that was common during the summer. As I approached where it had landed, I noticed a sharp, nasty smell hanging in the air. As I got even closer, I saw some strange, green crystals coming out of the ground, with that strange aura that you see on top of a car surface in hot weather. The closer I got, the harder it was to breath. In that area, there were a few trees, but they looked all diseased and mutated, some had these weird spouts on top that spat out a greenish-brown dust all around. I retrieved the football, ran back, then fainted. From what everyone told me, I was rushed to the hospital, where I wasn't expected to live. The doctors said that they had seen people exposed to tiberium turn into hideous creatures. Now THAT freaked me out. Thankfully, by some divine intervention (it just had to be!), I managed to pull through. My parents said that for the month that I was in the hospital, some GDI troops came to our land, set up some structures, drove some strange, bug-like trucks up, and collected all the tiberium. I prayed afterward that I would never have to see those damned crystals ever again.

"Son? Son, are you still there?" the officer asked.
"Oh, sorry, I just phased out for a second there," I replied, "Yes sir, I have been in contact with tiberium before."