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CCedit v1.02-
This is an older editor, used for C&C versions 1.19 and earlier. It is used for changing the amount of hits or what weapons the unit or building has. Or, if you are a REALLY big cheat, you can make units invulnerable.
C&C editor v4.00-
This is an editor, almost exactly the same as the previous, only it can be used for newer versions of C&C (like mine, for example!).
Official C&C Microsoft Plus! themes-
This ZIP file contains three C&C related themes for Microsoft Plus!. They are really cool, but they don't have their own C&C screensaver.
Mix Manager for adding maps and stuff to C&C-
This program is used for extracting and replacing .mix files in C&C. I have successfully replaced some of the multiplayer maps with one I downloaded,
This is the general.mix file I was referring to. If you are too lazy to take the time to replace and extract the maps, then just download this. I replaced about 2/3 of the original multiplayer maps with maps I downloaded. All you need to do is e-mail this file to your multiplayer friends and destroy away! ;-)
This is a really cool MP3 file that was supposedly from Tiberian Sun (but it wasn't! what's up with that?!).
This is one of the music tracks from C&C: Red Alert
Hell March-
This has to be the most memorable music track from the C&C trilogy. For those who are unfamiliar, this is the one with the sound of soldiers marching and their commander shouting orders.
Various C&C music tracks-
These are various MP3 tracks from C&C collected into a zip file.
Tiberium Garden levels for Red Alert-
These are a pair of levels I made with the nifty Red Alert terrain editor. They are almost exactly like the Tiberium Garden multiplayer map from the original C&C, with two differences: It's ore instead of tiberium (of course!), and one of the maps is the winter theater.
Official Renegade Video-
This is the official teaser video from Westwood for the upcoming C&C action game. It is a rendered video, meaning that it has no in-game video. But, if you want to see Havoc making a mess of a NOD base as well as some John Woo-esque action, then download it!

Note: The following files are links to Westwood's FTP, not my own

Command & Conquer demo-
This is the demo of the game that started it all. It has three GDI missions from throughout the campaign.
Command & Conquer: Red Alert demo-
This is the demo of the explosive prequel to C&C. It includes two Allied missions and one Soviet.
Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun demo-
This is the demo of Westwood's crowning glory, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun!! Be warned, however, it is 43 megs, so I would recommend that you use a program like GoZilla for this and other large files.